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Diggin’ Shoreline

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Diggin’ Shoreline is a community-based project which encourages food independence and the creation of green spaces through both community and individual gardening. Learn more about them and how to get involved HERE.

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Heck Yes I-1631

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It’s official! After lots of signature-gathering (some by your hosts here at GreenBaes), I-1631 will be on the ballot in Washington State. We have an amazing opportunity to lead the country in switching to renewables in an economically just way.

If you’re a Washington resident, we need your support. Visit the Yes on 1361 website  for info on what you can do to help!

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Seattle Pipeline: Frack No!

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Puget Sound Energy, the unscrupulous company which has been trying to build a dangerous natural gas plant in Tacoma, is coming for Seattle. The proposed $47-million ‘North Seattle Lateral Upgrade’ is a fracking and gas pipeline project that would immediately endanger the Seattle area and would produce three million metric tons of carbon every year. That’s a 3% increase to Washington’s total emissions– more than the city of Seattle itself emits annually!

Please call, email, or write to your elected officials and tell them to fight the permit on this project!


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OFF Act: WA District 7 Week of Action


Today kicks off a week of action in Washington State’s 7th District to persuade Rep. Pramilla Jayapal to back the OFF Act (H.R. 3671). This legislation would map out an economically just transition for the United States from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable economy by 2035.

How to help:

  • Sign as a citizen cosponsor of the OFF Act HERE
  • Call Rep. Jayapal’s office on Wednesday, May 30th
  • Email Rep. Jayapal’s office on Wednesday, May 30th
  • Tweet at Rep. Jayapal, asking her to support the OFF Act, on May 30th
  • Sign up for a literature drop at Jayapal’s office (stay tuned for details)
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Mosquito Fleet


Kinder Morgan may have backed down a bit, but the fight still isn’t over. And the Trans-Mountain Pipeline isn’t the only threat to the Salish Sea.

But the kayakers who comprise the Mosquito Fleet are paddling to the rescue. This swarm of activists descends to block oil tankers and other fossil fuel activity that is polluting the Pacific Northwest. Plus the kayaks are powered by 100% renewable muscle energy.

You can learn more about the organization and how to help by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Stop Kinder Morgan


Justin Trudeau is busy breaking promises.

First, he promised Indigenous people that he would develop nation-to-nation relationships and respect the sovereignty of First Nations peoples, including the right to refuse development projects on their land.

Second, he signed the Paris Climate Accord, which committed Canada (and every other signatory country) to reducing their carbon emissions enough to prevent irreversible climate damage.

Signing off on construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which is strongly opposed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous local governments on both sides of the Canadian border, directly undermines both of those goals.

Some brave activists are currently blocking construction while other activists are fighting the pipeline in the courts. HERE is a petition in support of the protesters, as well as a script for calling the Canadian Embassy.

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Starbucks Cups


In spite of previous promises to switch to recyclable materials for their cups, Starbucks is still contributing heavily to plastic pollution.

Join and Greenbaes  on Wednesday, March 21 at  321 Mercer Street (7-10 am) to tell Starbucks to make good on their promise and stop dumping millions of plastic cups into our landfills and oceans. 

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Hands Off Our Offshore Ecosystems, Big Oil!


Washington residents, our shores are in danger.

New rollback of environmental regulation means that extensive offshore drilling is now proposed in the Pacific. We do not want oil spills wrecking our fisheries and beaches, and destroying the health and cultures of Indigenous people. We do not want to lock ourselves into even more fossil fuel dependence.

Let the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) know your thoughts at a public hearing on Monday.

What: Public Meeting about Offshore Drilling and People’s Hearing
Where: Hotel RL Olympia by Red Lion, 2300 Evergreen Park Dr SW
When: Monday, March 5, 1:30 – 7:30 pm
1:30-2:00 Keynote Speakers
2:00-7:30 People’s Hearing
3:00-7:00 BOEM Open House
5:00-6:00 Dinner

If you need transportation, you can join a carpool HERE.