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Shell No to Empty PR Stunts

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Shell, one of the major oil companies which has been merrily profiting from climate chaos, is funding a museum exhibit that paints them as the good guys. In a critical moment for the climate, we can’t let fossil fuel companies hide from the consequences of their actions or use good PR as cover for new projects.

Sign the petition HERE.

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Save Bryce Canyon

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The Trump Administration wants to vastly expand fossil fuel extraction from Bryce Canyon National Park.

Call your members of Congress and let them know that our National Parks are for humans and wildlife to enjoy, not fossil fuel companies to destroy and exploit.

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Seattle Pipeline: Frack No!

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Puget Sound Energy, the unscrupulous company which has been trying to build a dangerous natural gas plant in Tacoma, is coming for Seattle. The proposed $47-million ‘North Seattle Lateral Upgrade’ is a fracking and gas pipeline project that would immediately endanger the Seattle area and would produce three million metric tons of carbon every year. That’s a 3% increase to Washington’s total emissions– more than the city of Seattle itself emits annually!

Please call, email, or write to your elected officials and tell them to fight the permit on this project!


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Shut Down Chase


In spite of all signs pointing to climate change being the biggest current threat to humanity, some big banks are busy throwing money at new fossil fuel projects, even as the fossil fuel industry is losing ground to clean, inexpensive options like wind and solar.

On May 7th, we’ll be gathering to send a message to Chase Bank: stop financing the destruction of our planet. 

GreenBaes will be covering the action live, and there’s plenty of jobs for you to do. Check out the planning meeting (Seattle) HERE or sign up to join the action HERE.

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Hands Off Our Offshore Ecosystems, Big Oil!


Washington residents, our shores are in danger.

New rollback of environmental regulation means that extensive offshore drilling is now proposed in the Pacific. We do not want oil spills wrecking our fisheries and beaches, and destroying the health and cultures of Indigenous people. We do not want to lock ourselves into even more fossil fuel dependence.

Let the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) know your thoughts at a public hearing on Monday.

What: Public Meeting about Offshore Drilling and People’s Hearing
Where: Hotel RL Olympia by Red Lion, 2300 Evergreen Park Dr SW
When: Monday, March 5, 1:30 – 7:30 pm
1:30-2:00 Keynote Speakers
2:00-7:30 People’s Hearing
3:00-7:00 BOEM Open House
5:00-6:00 Dinner

If you need transportation, you can join a carpool HERE.

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No Opencast Coal Mine


The UK Government has been relentless in their efforts to prop up coal and other fossil fuels even as the Celtic countries and other parts of Europe achieve new records in renewable energy production.

The newest project pending approval is an opencast coal mine in County Durham, which would fly in the face of national commitments to phase out coal by 2025 as part of the Paris Agreement. Given that the negative environmental impacts of coal have an entire Wikipedia page to themselves,  this seems like a spectacularly ill-considered project.

Sign a petition HERE to revoke planning permission for the mine.