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Mosquito Fleet


Kinder Morgan may have backed down a bit, but the fight still isn’t over. And the Trans-Mountain Pipeline isn’t the only threat to the Salish Sea.

But the kayakers who comprise the Mosquito Fleet are paddling to the rescue. This swarm of activists descends to block oil tankers and other fossil fuel activity that is polluting the Pacific Northwest. Plus the kayaks are powered by 100% renewable muscle energy.

You can learn more about the organization and how to help by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter.

Current Events · Fight Fossil Fuels · Political Action

Join Us at City Hall!


Next  Wednesday (February 21) myself and many others will be giving public testimony to the City of Seattle, asking them to pass a resolution against Tacoma’s proposed LNG facility.

If you can’t make it in person, check out our Twitter and Facebook where I’ll be making updates! You can also call or email the Seattle City Council and tell them ‘No LNG, no way!’.

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Divest Your Community


All humans, everywhere, are threatened by looming climate chaos caused by fossil fuel use. But the fossil fuel companies show no sign of stopping on their own, and the government is letting them run rampant.

The best thing we can do?

Hit them in the wallet!

Put together by the Native American activists who run Mazaska Talks, this guide will help you organize a movement to divest your community from fossil fuels. This seems intimidating, but cities around the world are already doing it.