Tar Sands Fact Sheet

  • Tar sands oil produces up to 4x more greenhouse gases per gallon than conventional crude oil.
  • Destroying the forest and peatlands to build the Keystone XL pipeline would release 47 million metric tons of carbon and permanently destroy valuable natural carbon sinks.
  • Crude oil extraction for the Kinder Morgan pipeline project alone would involve excavating an area the size of Florida.
  • Tar sands pipelines are at higher risk of spills because of corrosive chemicals in the extracted oil.
  • Runoff from tar sands is so toxic that it can kill birds on contact. The province of Alberta fined Syncrude $3million in damages in 2010 for killing wildlife. 
  • Tar sands oil is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases and will increase North America’s total greenhouse emissions if allowed to continue.
  • Every barrel of tar sands extracted generates four barrels of contaminated water. 
  • The total volume of the toxic lakes already created from tar sands projects is larger than Vancouver Island. The KXL alone would create another huge toxic lake. — Kelly
  • One billion gallons of carcinogenic water already leak