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    • Did the recipe or DIY work for you?
    • Did you come up with a modification to make it fit your needs?
    • Is there something we can do to make the blog more accessible or helpful?
  • Share your awesome finds.
    • Do you know about a great book, blog, or video about environmental justice or sustainable living?
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  • Answer questions and share your knowledge.
  • Bring sources or examples to back up your points (if needed). 
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Please Do Not: 

  • Attack individuals or groups based on their gender, race, religion/non-belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity, immigration status, disability, etc. You will be banned.
  • Engage with trolls. Report their nonsense, and we’ll block them ASAP.
  • Engage in ‘privileged explaining‘. This will get you one (1) warning, and a ban for repeat offence.
  • Proselytize. This includes (but is not limited to) religion, anti-religion, and stumping for specific politicians. You will get one (1) warning, and a ban for repeat offences.
  • Spread anti-science content. This includes but is not limited to climate denialismanti-vaccination rhetoric, and disability denialism.  If you’re not sure about the scientific merit of something, Google it.
  • Body-police or engage in diet talk (calories, weight loss goals, diet woo/fad diets, etc). This will earn you an instant ban.