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Buzz Off, Roundup

yellow jacket wasp macro photography
Photo by David Hablützel

One of the big threats to the world’s bees is chemical pesticides, which kill  weeds, crop-destroying insects, and helpful pollinators indiscriminately. Many people aren’t aware that Roundup, a popular pesticide, is fatal to bees.

Sign a petition HERE to get B&Q and Homebase to take Roundup off their shelves.

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Walkers: Please Walk Away From Trash


If you’re a human who enjoys snacks, Walker’s Crisps needs your feedback. They’ve proposed a timeline of 2025 to make their packaging recycleable, but that’s not fast enough to keep millions of pieces of plastic waste from poisoning our water, soil, and wildlife.

Tell Walkers to speed up their pace and convert to eco-friendly packaging now by using THIS form.

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Heck Yes I-1631

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 1.31.30 PM

It’s official! After lots of signature-gathering (some by your hosts here at GreenBaes), I-1631 will be on the ballot in Washington State. We have an amazing opportunity to lead the country in switching to renewables in an economically just way.

If you’re a Washington resident, we need your support. Visit the Yes on 1361 website  for info on what you can do to help!

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Seattle Pipeline: Frack No!

space needle photo

Puget Sound Energy, the unscrupulous company which has been trying to build a dangerous natural gas plant in Tacoma, is coming for Seattle. The proposed $47-million ‘North Seattle Lateral Upgrade’ is a fracking and gas pipeline project that would immediately endanger the Seattle area and would produce three million metric tons of carbon every year. That’s a 3% increase to Washington’s total emissions– more than the city of Seattle itself emits annually!

Please call, email, or write to your elected officials and tell them to fight the permit on this project!