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Oh (Dog) Poo!


There are over 520 million dogs on our planet. That’s a whole lot of adorable puppers… and a whole lot of dog poop. In many rural areas, dog poop gets left to biodegrade naturally, but in cities it’s a whole different story. Most of the time, there’s local laws requiring us to pick up after our animals and put their waste in the rubbish.

If your family is one of America’s 43 million dog-owning households, or are a handler for one of  tens of thousands of working dogs (such as service animals, search-and-rescue dogs, or herding dogs) you probably  spend quite a bit of time throwing away dog poop, and feeling a bit guilty about the plastic bags and the contributions to landfills.

The good news is you have options.

  • Flush it! Carry it inside in a toilet-friendly poo bag, and send it for processing. Please make sure to check your city or state sewage system can process dog waste before you try it though! (If you have your own septic tank, go for it).
  • Go biodegradable! There are many affordable options for dog poop bags, with many of them coming in at less than $0.01 per baggie. (This is how Jack’s poop gets picked up).
  • Compost it! Get a special compost setup and let bacteria dispose of the poop (never put dog waste in your normal compost!). This may not work as well if you’re in a cold climate, or if you don’t have a place to put it (consider sharing one with a friend or neighbor if space is an issue).



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