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MetheNO, Says Pacific Northwest


The Chinese company Northwest Innovation Works LLC wants to build a methenol refinery on the banks of the Columbia River, which flows through Umatilla, Nez Perce, Yakima and Paiute lands along what is currently the Oregon/Washington border. This is bad news for local humans and wildlife, as well as everyone else who wants to stop climate chaos.

This plant would generate over 6 million tons of greenhouse gasses (the same as 1.3 million cars!).  It would also suck 5 million gallons of water from the local rivers, which are critical for drinking water and for the local fisheries.  It’s also at high risk of explosion if an earthquake happens– and the Pacific Northwest is part of the Ring of Fire, so an earthquake is basically inevitable.

All and all, a terrible idea.

You can help the people of Oregon and Washington shut this awful plan down by submitting a public comment HERE.


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