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What’s Up With The Solar Panel Tariff?


With his usual reckless disregard for both the economy and the environment, the 45th POTUS just signed into law major tariffs on imported solar panels.  Because the US solar industry hasn’t had a chance to ramp up manufacturing, this attempt at trade protection will likely reduce solar installations by 10-15% and kill 23,000 US renewable energy jobs.  This move is apparently the brainchild of Rick Perry, who is trying to prevent the dying and destructive fossil fuel industry from being replaced by renewable energy.

However, the first 2.5 gigawatts of solar panels imported this year will be exempt from the tariff. There are also types of solar panels which are exempt.  We will keep you posted on actions you can take to keep renewable energy development on track so we can have a stable climate future and green energy for all.



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