DIY · Plants, Reforestation and Gardening

Clear The Air With Air Plants


Indoor plants can make your own personal ecosystem a bit healthier by humidifying the air, clearing toxic volatile compounds, and reducing dust among other benefits.

We at GreenBaes would like to recommend airplants as an easy, low-cost plant that will still give you the benefits of indoor gardening. Airplants are any of the 600-700 species in the genus Tillandsia, and are native to the Americas.

Airplants do not need to be rooted in soil, and will happily grown in a tiny terrarium (like ours), decorative baskets, or inside a seashell.  They need to be lightly misted with water and kept in sunlight, and presto– your new airplant is oxygenating your space. You can yourself some at a local nursery or order them online here.



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