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Twenty Minute Spaghetti Squash Meal Prep

Spaghetti squash are an underrated vegetable. In most of the United States, they cost less than $5USD for one squash (about four servings of squash ‘spaghetti’), and a simple microwave trick makes them quick and easy to prepare.

  1. Use a sharp knife, poke holes along the length of the squash, fro the stem to the end. Make sure to make a row of holes on both sides.
  2. Microwave for five minutes on high. Turn over, and microwave on high for another five minutes.
  3. Use potholders or a towel to grip the squash (it will be hot!) and use a large knife to slice it in half lengthwise using the holes you poked as a guide.
  4. scoop out the seeds and pulp from the center and compost (you can also save the seeds for roasting!).IMG_1151

If there are still firm spots on the squash, or the center of the squash seems undercooked when you scoop out the seeds, you may want to microwave the halves for an additional five minutes to make sure it’s cooked completely through. Once you’re done, you should be able to easily scoop out the ‘spaghetti’ with a spoon and set it aside to cool.  The squash spaghetti can be refrigerated or frozen, then reheated and served with your toppings of choice in minutes.


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