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The Clean Energy Effect

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Plant Flowers, Bee Happy


Hi European readers: you have the chance to get some bee-friendly wildflower seeds. Whether you’re growing them in a homemade planter on your apartment balcony or out in a meadow, wildflowers help our critical bee populations rebound from pesticides and habitat loss.

Not in Europe? You can still get some seeds and start feeding bees.
Prairie dwellers in the USA and Canada can order specialized seed mixes here; The Xerces Society and #FeedABee offer habitat-appropriate seed mixes for your area. Even Cheerios is in on the action with their #BringBackTheBees seed giveaway.

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Starbucks Cups


In spite of previous promises to switch to recyclable materials for their cups, Starbucks is still contributing heavily to plastic pollution.

Join and Greenbaes  on Wednesday, March 21 at  321 Mercer Street (7-10 am) to tell Starbucks to make good on their promise and stop dumping millions of plastic cups into our landfills and oceans. 

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Want an easier way to keep writing your elected officials on the issues you care about? ResistBot is here to help you streamline your activism.

All you need to do is use text or messenger to write your message, and ResistBot will package it up as a fax to your state or national elected representatives. The website also includes tools for finding town halls and sending your elected officials snail mail.

If you don’t know what to say, we’re adding fact sheets and call scripts to GreenBaes all the time!

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Biodegradable Pads


About half the human population menstruates, and that means a huge number of folks around the world (particularly industrialized/urbanized countries) are using sanitary products like pads or tampons. Unfortunately, many of these contain plastic– and we’ve already discussed what a nuisance plastic is to every ecosystem on earth.

Alternatives to disposable sanitary products are great, but not a viable option for everyone. HERE is a petition, based in Europe, to push for biodegradable sanitary products.

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Nestlé Is Guzzling Your Water


In spite of being ordered to stop over three decades ago, Nestlé has continued to pump  hundreds of millions of gallons of water out of San Bernadino National Forest in California, endangering the water supply of California’s farms, residents, and wildlife.

N has been given an ultimatum by the California Water Board, but we need to encourage the National Forest Service to back them up as well. Sign the petition to the Forest Service HERE.

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Save the Rainforest from Plywood


In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese government needs a lot of plywood. Unfortunately, they’re getting it by chopping down irreplaceable rain forest in Indonesia and Malaysia. The  Rainforest Action Network is supporting indigenous Indonesians who are trying to protect the rainforest. You can sign this petition to the Japanese Olympic Committee HERE.


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Byebye, Bayou Bridge Pipeline

lake-trees-sky-hdr-445190.jpegAnother victory for climate justice activists!

This time, it’s a stay of construction on Energy Transfer Partners’ planned Bayou Bridge Pipeline. This will not only prevent more fossil fuel infrastructure, but save the delicate wetlands that support the people and wildlife of Louisiana’s coast.  The fight for climate justice might not be easy, but we will win!

The fight isn’t quite finished. Activists were arrested during the process of halting the pipeline, and need help with their legal fees. There is also an appeal from Energy Transfer Partners, who are determined to build their pipeline. Find out more about how you can help HERE.